IIM Ahmedabad - London Alumni Chapter

A strong network of IIMA community in the UK & Europe!

This is the group of IIM Ahmedabad Alumni in UK and Europe. It also includes various non-IIMA members, collectively called the "Friends of IIMA", who have shown a keen interest in the activities of the chapter. 

Please reach out to us in iimalondonboard@gmail.com for more info!

Chapter Objectives

1. Provide a platform for Learning, Teaching, Mentoring, Connecting & Philanthropy by bringing together the collective intellect & influence of IIMA community

2. Foster links between IIMA community and leading Educational Institutions, Academics and Businesses by:

     a) Creating events in the UK for networking opportunities built around interesting speakers and thought leaders

     b) Facilitating Research and Business collaborations between IIMA & UK educational institutions

     c) Fostering entrepreneurship and start up culture among IIMA Alumni by providing a platform for interaction between CIIE ( Centre for Innovation           Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIMA ) and UK University entrepreneurship and VC Centres

3. Grow the IIMA alumni body

4. Raise funds from Alumni, Corporates and Philanthropists for grants and scholarships.

Committee & Advisors

The members of the organizing committee include Mr. Gaurav Jain (Chairperson), Mr. Ravi Topno, Saurabh Kumar (all PGP 03), Aravind, Aseem Gupta, Rajiv Nair (all PGP 08), Arushi Chopra, Sanchay Singla (PGP 12), Vijay Ganesan (PGP 13), Aarohi Jain and Anshuman Mishra (PGP 15). There is also an increasingly large number of alumni helping us out with our various activities.

IIMA Alumni London will be supported by patrons who act as advisors, and are influencing voices in the community. The current patrons are Mr. Vindi Banga, Ms. Kamini Banga, Mr. Ashok Vaswani, Lord Jitesh Gadhia, Mr. Ivan Menezes,  Lord Karan Bilimoria, Mr. Mohit Joshi, Mr. Rajesh Agrawal and Prof. Saral Mukherjee (DEAN - AER IIMA).